The Hollosi & Co. Architectural Ltd. was established in 2004 for structural architecture. Our experianced architect team produces high quality documentations and 3D designs.

The perfect solution of our complex projects is ensured with our specialised team of static engineering, installation, electricity, road engineering, soil mechanics and interior design. Since the beginning of our career we prepared a wide range of various equipments, like detached and apartment houses, dental clinics, industrial halls and various kind of hotels. All this all over Hungary and in Austria, Romania, Slovakia.

Spatial distriubion of our references

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1. Survey of customer requirements and building plot
2. Review of local and national laws related to the building plot
3. Discussion of demands related to the building size, number of rooms, to room sizes, furnishing wants

4. First steps in 3D design – concepts, rooms in connection with each other, furnishing
5. 3D models are produced after thorough discussions and further refined as required


We are proud being allowed to design several thousands of detached houses, hotels, industrial halls and residential houses over Hungary and abroad during the 24 years spent in architectural design.


Why to choose us?

  • We do our best to realize your individual wishes
  • Functionality, comfort and design are our basic aspects in architectural design.
  • We plan the best possible house, depending from your building plot and finances, regarding room layout, practicability and usability, keeping in mind the cost-effective implementation.
  • The 3D plans prepared by our team give you an accurate picture on how your dreams will be materialized
  • Our experienced team, consisting of static engineers, installation, electricity, road engineers, soil mechanics and interior designer, will provide you with high quality performance, and the best possible construction/implementation plan. This ensures the perfect solution of a complex project.
  • Familiarity with the up-to-date laws of contruction gives you the safety of receiving all contrusction permissions.
  • Last but not at list, we can save you a pile of money and a pile of construction mistakes.


  • „Szép Házak”    – magazine published our architectural design 8 times
  • „Építkezők Katalógusa”   – magazine published our building plans twice
  • „Családi Ház”   – magazine included 10 of our plans
  • „Családi Ház  Ötlettár”     – magazine published 40 of our designs
  • „Casa Mea ” Romania    – covered one of our architectural design
  • „Év BRAMAC Tetője Pályázat”  – application: special prize in „new residential building” category, twice